Google Summer of Code projects: TOML and CSV support


This year Simon and I will be mentoring two students for Google Summer of Code who will be working on improving Dhall’s support for file formats

Right now is th community bonding period for GSoC, so I’d like to welcome them to our community and they will briefly introduce themselves on this thread soon.

Dhall to toml | toml to Dhall support

Hello :wave:

I’m Julio (he/him) and I’m excited to use Haskell and contribute to the functional programming ecosystem! I’m currently studying computer science and in my free time I like taking pictures and surfing :grinning:


Hi there!

I’m Marcos (he/him) and I’m currently studying Computer Science in Venezuela. I’ve been a fan of Haskell and functional programming for a few years now and I’m thrilled to make a real contribution to the community. Apart from programming I also like playing guitar and hiking/camping :smile:


I’m very excited to see TOML support :muscle:, CSV would be great too.

I wish y’all the best of luck!