Dhall to toml | toml to Dhall support


Just like Dhall supports
So, it should also support dhall-to-toml, i.e. it needs to be implemented.

I am exploring the Dhall right now. So that I can contribute to add this feature.


I find myself wanting this more and more as I see more projects support TOML as a configuration file but it does not have near the feature set of Dhall and doing a Dhall → JSON → TOML seems a bit unnecessary and a way to lose information. This transformation can been done with Nix builtins, but this still involves a third language and in a work setting, I can suggest Dhall for configuration, but Nix seems to be a bit too far.


Today we can officially share that a student will be able to add TOML support for Dhall this year thanks to Google Summer of Code. We will create an announcement post soon with more details.


Following up: here is the post that I mentioned: