Use GitHub sponsors for dhall-lang project?


GitHub recently announced that is now available for organizations:

… and I wanted to check if people thought that we should also solicit funding using GitHub sponsors (in addition to our current Open Collective fund), or just stick to Open Collective?


Unless there are any financial complications, I think it’s a good idea. GitHub is a strong social hub, so you’re likely to get more visibility. There’s also a status element, since the people or projects you sponsor show up on your GitHub profile.

I can also say as an individual, I’m much more likely to sponsor someone on GitHub because I already have an account.


So I looked further into this and it looks like GitHub Sponsors can be set up to feed the funding directly into an existing Open Collective account.

However, GitHub sponsors requires all key decision-makers to explicitly support using GitHub sponsors. So if we do want to pursue this then I need all of @f-f, @singpolyma, @Nadrieril, and @philandstuff to explicitly affirm in this thread that they are okay with us accepting funding via GitHub sponsors (so I can link to this thread as evidence in the GitHub sponsors application). Vice versa, if you’re not okay with this, don’t be afraid to speak out and say so.


Sounds great by me :slight_smile:


Yep, sounds good to me :slight_smile: Sounds like a clear win in making this option accessible to potential funders


After a quick read through the documentation and the Ts & Cs, this seems good to me :+1:


Seems like a good idea.


Thank you, everybody! I just submitted our organization and we’re on the wait list.


We now have a GitHub sponsors account:

Donations to that account will be automatically forwarded to our OpenCollective account