Upcoming Release of Dhall Purescript


As some of you know, I have been working on updating my dhall-purescript implementation that I started 3 years ago! Wow, time flies.

One of the reasons for my sudden interest again is that I am going to use it for a project for school, so I wanted it up-to-date with the standard. For obvious practical reasons I have dropped my obsession with structural editing, although I reserve the right to return to it at a later date :wink:

I am essentially at 100% test compliance, although I know there are some gaps remaining (particularly with pretty printing strings, and probably various edge cases around imports and such too).

The main thing preventing a proper release right now is the purescript dependencies. The bower dependencies are huge mess since they aren’t all updated for ps0.14, and I’m still waiting on one dependency to be updated for spago.

Performance is pretty awful – currently it runs out of memory when trying to import the whole Prelude at once (particularly the JSON functions) :sweat_smile: I don’t know how much I can improve it, but I will devote some effort to that later. I’m sure there’s some low-hanging fruit with typeclasses and such.

There’s not much in the way of CLI interface or an API for use with PureScript types. But if you’re interested in using this library, I would love your feedback (and help)!