RESOLVED: Hydra nix channels seem unhappy


I tried a nix-channel --update dhall and I got an error which ultimately seems to be because is throwing a 500.

I’m not sure how to report problems with hydra other than on here.

By the way, I’d be happy to help with administering these resources if someone wants to grant me access. I am a developer/sysadmin in my day job and I run NixOS on my personal machine, and though I haven’t got direct experience of running hydra I’m sure I could work it out :slight_smile:


This looks related to


@philandstuff: Yeah, you’re definitely welcome to admin the machine. The easiest way would be to grant yourself SSH access by following the instructions here:

I can also create a Hydra account for you if you have some way for me to securely send you the initial credentials (e.g. GPG encryption).


not entirely sure what I’m doing, but I’ve got a PR up which I’m hoping should fix things:


It worked, nix channels are happy again.