Looking for a new maintainer for dhall-golang


I created dhall-golang but my life priorities have taken me away from it. I haven’t made a new release since December 2020. I cannot commit the time I once did to this project.

Therefore, I am looking for a new maintainer for dhall-golang.

What a maintainer would do

In particular, I would like someone to:

  • keep dhall-golang up-to-date with the dhall-lang standard
  • respond to issues on the dhall-golang repo
  • fix ongoing bugs
  • keep dependencies up-to-date
  • maintain compatibility with new Go versions
  • vote on behalf of dhall-golang in dhall-lang votes

Support I can offer for the transition

If you are interested in becoming the maintainer, I would be happy to help you get up-to-speed with the codebase. This would include:

  • helping via email, twitter DM, or video call to explain the current state of the codebase
  • pairing on some current work to be done (see below)
  • discussing ideas I had for future direction

I would be willing to keep supporting you for long enough to ensure the transition is smooth, and in any case for at least 3 months.

Current work to be done

The latest release of dhall-golang only supports language version 19.0.0. The latest version is 21.0.0.

There is a list of open issues, but one key issue is that unmarshalling requires a particular file on the user’s filesystem when it shouldn’t.

If you are interested

Either reply to this thread or send me a DM on twitter. If you’re unsure, please message me anyway! I’d be more than happy to discuss with you.


I have a fix up for the one key issue: