It needs to be clearer from the homepage that language bindings exist


Too many people get the idea that Dhall can generate YAML/JSON text and that’s it.


Yeah, I agree. I’ll make some small fixes to and include that


@singpolyma: I added a new “How to integrate Dhall” page to the wiki so that I have something to link to from

Check it out and let me know if that covers what you had in mind.

I’m also going to make a change to to change the “Tough on messes” section to instead become an “Integration friendly” section (which will link to this new wiki page)


Here is the corresponding change to


I’ve made a small tweak to the wiki page to mention that calling Dhall functions is something you can only do with a native binding. Feel free to reword/move that change.

I’m also not sure we need to keep the “native” vs “uses another implementation” distinction on this page. That can matter in some cases, but not when someone just wants to know “can I use this in my stack”.