Future of Dhall

@Gabriel439 I’m curious if Fall-from-Grace will eventually replace Dhall, or were you planning to maintain both projects? It looks like the projects overlap, and Fall-from-Grace is a rewrite of Dhall to address some shortcomings.

What I can say pretty confidently is that I have no desire to build a language ecosystem around Grace (building an ecosystem around Dhall was a lot of work for me and I don’t want to do it again). Maybe someone else will, but not me.

A few days ago I gave a talk at Haskell eXchange that will become available in ~90 days that gives more of the context behind Grace and how it relate to Dhall, but I can summarize the highlights here:

  • The main motivation of Grace is to advance the Haskell ecosystem (by making Haskell the language of choice for implementing interpreters)
  • Grace is designed to be forked, not directly used, in order to build a family of Grace-like languages
  • There might be some “off-label” usage of Grace, but it won’t ever be fully supported by me
  • Grace is inspired by Dhall and does fix several mistakes in Dhall (most notably type inference and JSON compatibility)
  • Grace can actually benefit Dhall by relieving pressure from some users to turn Dhall into something Dhall is not (e.g. supporting use cases outside of DevOps)

Thank you for the detailed response. I look forward to watching the talk when it becomes available. I’m also glad that Grace won’t supersede Dhall.