Funding for Dhall using OpenCollective


In response to this GitHub issue:

… I created an OpenCollective page for Dhall:

… so that we can begin to:

  • solicit donations
  • expense infrastructure
  • create bug/feature bounties

If you would like to expense something, just let me know and I can add you to the list of contributors. I tried to add contributors to the project for people whose e-mail addresses I already had.

The first draft of the expense policy is:

Expenses need to be pre-approved using the same process we use for approving changes to the standard. See:

Guidelines for expense limits:

  • $700 for each one-time expense (e.g. a bug/feature bounty)
  • $100 / month recurring expense (e.g. pay for hosting or build machines)

We do not yet cover stipends for contributors

You can pre-approve an expense by creating a Discourse thread:

… answering the following questions:

  • What purpose is the expense for?
  • Is this a one-time or recurring expense?
  • What is the amount that you wish to expense?

Don’t be afraid to ask! We’ll do our best to work something out

The suggested contribution tiers are the default ones:

  • Backer: $5 / month
  • Sponsor : $100 / month

… although people are free to donate any amount (recurring or one-time).

I plan to publicize the funding for the first time after the next release (i.e. version 10.0.0 of the language standard) and periodically thereafter.

The main thing I’d like feedback on before publicizing this is:

  • Changes to the expense policy
  • Changes to the suggested contribution tiers


I’ll also throw out some ideas for things to fund since I think people are more likely to donate if they have some idea of what their money might be spent on:

  • Supporting new language bindings

    … like dhall-golang and dhall-rust

  • Maintaining language bindings to keep up-to-date with the changing standard

  • Performance improvement projects

    Doesn’t have to be as ambitious as normalization-by-evaluation. It can be as simple as a bounty for an X% improvement on a specific example (like a dhall-kubernetes project)

  • Creating/updating documentation/tutorials

    Including new types of documentation like case studies or comparisons with other language formats

  • Bug bounties

    … for both implementations or soundness issues in the standard

  • Additional language server client bindings

    … since the current language server only has a client binding for VScode

  • Additional integrations

    … like Helm/Terraform/Cloudformation/TOML


Anyone else having trouble contributing? My credit card gets declined, but I was buying stuff on amazon at the weekend and that worked ok…