Expense proposal: Standardize record puns


I would like to propose a $200 bounty for standardizing record puns, as discussed in https://github.com/dhall-lang/dhall-lang/issues/867

Unlike prior expense proposals, this doesn’t need to be done by a new contributor.

The main reason I suggest this proposal is that several people have expressed interest in this being standardized, but it has stagnated for a while. Also, I don’t currently have the bandwidth to standardize this as I’m focusing on Kubernetes-related improvements to the ecosystem.

According to our expense guidelines I need to formally document the following:

For reference, our current project balance is $635.88

The expense is reviewed the same way we review changes to the language standard.


I would be interested to know how you came up with the figure you propose. It seems to me like a quite a simple feature; I want to volunteer to implement it but I would feel like $200 is too much for the work I anticipate it to take. That said we have enough budget supply and low implementation offer, so it’s not unreasonable either.

How about combining it with the symmetric record unpacking feature https://github.com/dhall-lang/dhall-lang/issues/74 ?
EDIT: after looking at that in more detail, it actually looks substantially more complex, so maybe that’s too much


@Nadrieril: Sure, that seems fine to me to include the record unpacking feature, too.

I propose how much to expense by estimating how many hours I think it would take me to do and multiply by $50, which is below market rate in the US for an entry-level engineering consultant.

I also try to avoid our cumulative expenses exceeding half of our cumulative donations, so that we have a reserve of funds.


Given that nobody has objected then this expense should be approved now, just for the original request of standardizing record puns (given that @Nadrieril rescinded the idea of also including record unpacking)


What’s the next step now ? I would like to put myself forward for this, how would I do that ?


@Nadrieril: Just advertising here that you plan to do the task is enough. Once you complete the task you can submit the expense here:


… and then one of the project admins approves the expense.


Then if that’s ok with everyone, I plan to do the task :slight_smile: