Dhallup - (hypothetical) Dhall installment manager


(Partly inspired by How to pin dhall-haskell version?)

OCaml has opam, Rust has rustup, Haskell now has ghcup (and Rust and Haskell have script installers as well).

Something of that sort might be worthwhile for Dhall?


@vmchale: I guess the main question is what it would provide beyond the dhall executable. It seems like it would be just as easy to download the dhall executable as it would be to download a dhallup tool


My plan would be to make it something like rustup (less familiar with opam?), managing multiple versions (uninstallation) and maybe giving dhall-lsp-server?

I guess with dhall itself it is less needed since ghc comes with many files…


Yeah, if it includes multiple executables (e.g. at least dhall and dhall-lsp-server) then it makes sense to provide a tool to install and/or switch between multiple versions.