Dhall-to-json but for dhall types

I wonder if there has been any work or any interest in a version of dhall-to-json but for dhall types instead of dhall terms? I can envision a usage (which is something close to what I’m looking for) to essentially specify a schema using dhall types in a way that clients without dhall can read. Of course you could just convert your dhall type to a term describing the type (using string literals for leaf types like List and Text), maybe that’s already an option?

Do you mean like a dhall-to-jsonschema? I’m not aware of anything like that

Thanks for the reply! Not necessarily as rigorous as dhall-to-json-schema, but something that could convert, ie:

{ x : Text, y : List Double }


{ "x": "Text", "y": "Double" }

I guess some thought has to be put into how to convert applications of type functions like List { x: Text }, and sum types.

I guess my more immediate need was to allow parsing of dhall types in languages that don’t have general dhall support, but just general json support. But the problem does get pretty complicated/underspecified fast now that I think about it more.

(in the last post it should have been {x : Test, y : Double } as the dhall type)