Dhall-docs releases


As part of my Google Summer of Code 2020 project, I developed over the past 4 months dhall-docs: a Documentation Generator for the Dhall Configuration Language. Today, my last work on it has been released and it includes the following features:

  • It generates HTML documentation from a folder with dhall files (what I call a dhall package) by extracting the file header comment;
  • You can write your documentation comments using markdown
  • It renders the source code with the following features:
    • Jump-to-definition on:
      • Remote and relative imports
      • Let-bindings
      • Record types and literals field names
      • Selector-expressions access.
      • Lambda arguments
    • Renders the assertions found in a dedicated section
    • On each index.html page you can see the type of each file there.

All type information is extracted from source code i.e. dhall-docs doesn’t do normalization and import resolution: it collects all information statically. For a detailed explanation of my work, see this post. For a demo of the tool, see the documentation generated from the Dhall Prelude.

I hope that this tool will make the dhall ecosystem grow even more. It was a lovely experience to build this tool and to collaborate with some of you :slight_smile:

Thanks to @Gabriel439, @sjakobi and @Profpatsch for being my mentors, and to everybody that helped me reporting and fixing bugs as well suggesting new features.

I want to keep contributing to the tool, so I’ll use this thread for announcing future releases.


Awesome ! I love the dark theme.

Is there a link for dhall-kubernetes ? (If not I will try to generate that one :wink:

Thank you !


TLDR: https://hydra.dhall-lang.org/build/73541/download/1/docs/

Long answer: dhall-haskell Hydra pipeline will generate documentations for each merge commit. Those are mostly used to check UI/UX. The documentations that are generated are described here


Woow, this is super cool! Great job!


Congrats on finishing GSoC! Looking forward to giving it a try, btw getting 404 on the link https://hydra.dhall-lang.org/build/73520/download/1/docs/


@wallyqs: Here are more stable links you can use: