AWS CloudFormation Dhall bindings


Hi folks, I created a project to generate CloudFormation dhall bindings, similar to dhall-kubernetes. So that I don’t need to repeat myself especially when creating serverless app, most of the modules and patterns are exactly the same.
It is still at pretty early stage, so I’m really keen to hear any feedback such as

  • if the type definitons make sense
  • feature missing
  • issues
    if any please feel free to submit at project discussion channel
    or even straightly a PR will be more than welcomed


This looks great to me! If you want, I can add this to so that we generate documentation for the package


That will be great! generating docs is actually a todo in my backlog, thanks @Gabriel439


@oyanglulu: Could you add a top-level ./package.dhall that re-exports everything else and then cut a new release? I can generate documentation for the package as-is, but adding a ./package.dhall will enable support for building and caching the entire package once we turn on the global cache.


@Gabriel439 I just generate package.dhall for each region in v0.2.15
not sure how useful to enable caching though
previously I generated them and then decided to delete them since there are thousands types for CloudFormation while most of the time we actually just need few of them, the package.dhall is so big even locally it took 10-20 seconds to resolve.


@oyanglulu: Thank you! I have a PR up to add the CloudFormation bindings to here: