Any Dhall-to-Protobuf programs out there?



I was wondering if there are any dhall-to-proto programs out there? My google-fu is weak clearly. So I’m asking here.

Ideally it’d be a program returns two things:

  1. It takes all the (normalized) type expresssions in Dhall and turn them into a protobuf schema,
  2. It takes all values from the result of evaluation of a dhall program into the relevant protobuf messages that matches the schema from point 1.

Clearly point 2 will create some issues, but dhall-to-json works in a similar fashion where if you pass in a program that when evaluated returns non-values, will result in a Cannot translate to JSON error.


It does not seems exactly what you are looking for, but the proto3-suite may let you convert between protobuf messages and dhall haskell data type.