Suggestions welcome!

(Gabriel Gonzalez) #1

Discourse is customizable to a fault, so if you run into something that you think should be changed just let me know. I can’t exhaustively list all the things you can customize, but to give some examples:

  • Maximum comment length
  • Maximum number of consecutive replies to a thread
  • Supported login methods (i.e. Google/GitHub/Twitter sign-in)
  • UI themes
  • Anonymous posting
  • Login expiration (i.e. the duration before you’re automatically logged out)

So this is just a long-winded way of saying: make yourselves comfortable by telling me what you think should change and I’ll let you know if it’s feasible or not


If you use the dark theme, the icon in the top left is pretty hard to see. Dunno if the themes can be customized to have different icons, nor do I know if there’s an icon that works on a dark background.



It’s also not a big deal. Thought it might be something to think about rather than fix immediately.