Started Dhall Awesome list

(Stephen Paul Weber) #1

Add all your awesome things

(Javier Neira ) #2

Hi @singpolyma! I’ve add some projects (java via eta in lang bindings and dhall-to-etlas in integrations) here:
I’ve updated the language bindings to mirror the included in the README too.
(I don’t have write access to dhall-lang wiki)

(Gabriel Gonzalez) #3

@jneira: I just granted you write access

(Javier Neira ) #4

Thanks @Gabriel439, i’ve just updated the page.

(Stephen Weber) #5

I think Etlas is more a format (like cabal, yaml, json) than an integration, but I’m not familiar enough with the project to be sure

(Javier Neira ) #6

Mmm, maybe the diff is subtle, dhall-to-etlas is fully integrated within etlas and you can use dhall files directly to configure etlas, without translate it to another format.

(Stephen Paul Weber) #7

Ok, that’s fair then. If there’s no translation step then the integration heading is correct :slight_smile: