Dhall - Year in Review (2019-2020)


I wrote my yearly review of our progress and possible future directions:

… and I also created a yearly survey to gather more detailed information this year:


Going through the survey now, we have a couple of actively-maintained integrations which I guess we haven’t publicized well enough :frowning:


I didn’t knew there was so many existing integrations and packages. It seems like they are pulled from the awesome-dhall list, could you please add them there too?


@ari-becker: Sorry about that! Yeah, I was unaware of these integrations and forgot to search for them

One way to more broadly advertise these sorts of integrations is to advertise them on dhall-lang.org. I’m thinking of add separate “Languages” and “Integrations” tabs to the page so that we can mention all of these Ops / CI / CD integrations on the home page


@tristanC @Gabriel439 cool, I’ve opened PRs for three projects (dhall-kops, dhall-prometheus-operator, dhall-security-txt) to awesome-dhall.

Adding them on dhall-lang.org would be a cool idea!


@ari-becker: Alright, I have a pull request up to add them here: https://github.com/dhall-lang/dhall-haskell/pull/1634