Dhall Hash & cache


For some strange reason asking for the hash of a remote internal repository gives different result in CI & local machines in a regular basis (every other two months or so).
We are using dhall hash to calculate the hash.
For instance:

dhall hash <<< ‘http://stash.cirb.lan/projects/CICD/repos/dhall-argocd/raw/kubernetes/argocd/package.dhall

The only way to recover from such error is to clear the cache of the CI server.

Do we use the wrong command to calculate the hash somehow ?


Sounds like something goes wrong with the cache on the CI server. Next time this happens, maybe you could save the ~/.cache/dhall and ~/.cache/dhall-haskell caches both from CI and your local machines and diff the contents. Applying dhall diff to your import resolved with either caches might also give some clues.

If you can share your code, I’d also be happy to take a look.


This seems similar or may be related to this problem.

(I still haven’t gotten back around to doing @Gabriel439’s next steps.)